Primordial Earth is an ongoing project shot in different parts of the DRC over the past years. It is a loose tale of creation/apocalypse and what’s in between. It offers to look at the country’s beautiful and diverse landscape and some of its traditions as the origins of consciousness and sources of inspiration for understanding, depicting and imagining our world. The project is still ongoing and was first shown at the Lubumbashi and Bamako biennales.

Upcoming show:

Enter 14@Mu.Zee
Primordial Earth will be on show at the Oostende Museum of Fine Arts, Mu.Zee
02 July – 13 November

Current show:

“Consume by”, Arnhem Museum of Contemporary Arts

(Un)Charted grounds/the Matter project, Dakar biennale

Past Shows:
“Je suis moi-même le soleil” at 31 Project gallery, Curated by Liz Gomis in Paris April 2nd 2022 until May 14th 2022
– The Photo Vogue Festival in Milan and online from November 18th 2021
– “Presence” @The Photographers’Gallery’, London, UK from July 2nd until August 29th 2021
– “The Strangely Familiar” @Foreign Agent Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland from 8th of July until 21th of August 2021
– The Agprognostic Temple, Brussels, Belgium May 2021
“Extractions” @A Two Dogs Company, Brussels, Belgium, 24 April – 16 May 2021
Lubumbashi Biennale 2019
– Rencontres de Bamako 2019 (winner of “Prix de l’OIF”)

“Je suis moi-même le soleil” at 31 Project gallery in Paris, April 2022
The Agprognostic Temple, Brussels, Belgium May 2021
Primordial Earth: Inhabiting the Landscape, solo show at Bozar, The Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels from January 20th until March 21st 2021 (extended)

Bozar exhibition view, 360 image capture credit: Geminipix

Interview about the project:

A Kind of Paradise: Léonard Pongo and Sorana Munsya reject the single story of the Congo