Video and Photographs on Mineral Tracing for the Washington Post.

Article by Laura Kasinof:

KACHUBA, Congo — The way to the mine wound upward past fields of cassava and sweet potato, a patchwork quilt of small farms set among villages of round, thatched-roof homes. An hour’s climb up, the Kachuba tin mine community is a collection of shacks that serves as a home-away-from-home for the hundred or so men who come here hoping to make a living wage out of what the mountain provides.

These images are beautiful, like visual poetry, capturing the in-between human spaces and rendering them magical. It’s an incredibly unique look at Congo, a country usually portrayed as a place of war and blood diamonds.
— Kate Bubacz  (BuzzFeed News Senior Photo Editor)

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Leonard Pongo’s photographs of Congo are raw and guttural. They radiate with the sort of unease that comes with discovering a long-sought-out place — one that forms part of the photographer’s heritage, despite the fact that Pongo had to wait until his early 20s to experience it for himself.

– Olivier Laurent for The Washington Post

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PICTURE STORIES: A Country Where Faith Becomes a ‘Necessary Evil’

(CNN)In 2011, journalists flocked to Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to cover the presidential election and the violence leading up to the vote.

Photographer Leonard Pongo had different plans.
“I could have focused on the election, but I chose to follow people around,” Pongo said. “I wanted to experience what life in the country was like … to understand another side of those events — not those usually reported, but one that was much more personal.”